Multicore Application Debugging Workshop

On November 14th and 15th, 2013, the Institute for Integrated Systems at Technische Universität München and the Institute for Communication Technologies and Embedded System at RWTH Aachen jointly organized a workshop on the challenges of debugging in the multicore era. Around 50 participants have been invited to attend the workshop and 22 presentations on a broad range of topics targeting the multicore debugging challenge have been arranged. The workshop was a great success. Below you can find the presentations held at the workshop. If you want to get updated about plans of the workshop in 2014, please contact

Program & Slides

(All slides are copyrighted by the authors)

Session 1: The Need for Multicore Debugging

Session 2: Trace Debugging Concepts

Session 3: Simulation-based Debugging and Trace Analysis

Session 4: Software Debugging Techniques

Session 5: Dealing with Non-functional Requirements

Session 6: HW Support for Debugging

Session 7: Observability and Runtime Verification

Session 8: Software and Models

Session 9: Compilers and Beyond Debugging